Philippines Domestic Travels Rises, Top Local Destinations Cited

According to partial 2009 data of the Department of Tourism, domestic travels reported a dramatic 21 percent increase despite the decline in international tourist arrivals in all world regions.

The growth was attributed to the Department of Tourism’s (DOT) successful campaign to maximize opportunities in international markets and encourage greater domestic travel movement, combined with bargains in hotel accommodations and increased flights, expanded routes and promotional markdown prices in airfare costs.

According to Russell Ri, founder and president of e-Philippines Adventure Travel and Destinations (the first and only online adventure travel and tour company in the country), “Local destination travelling is much more attractive than ever.”  There are a lot more of the locals wanting to explore our many island destinations. He also added that the Philippines being named as one of the Top Travel Destinations by National Geographic Adventure magazine helped draw attention and awareness to its many remarkable and best kept getaway spots.

Here are e-Philippines Adventure Travel and Destinations Top 5 Best Seller in Local Destination Tours:

Bohol Island – Landing first on our list, the home of the sweet yet inedible Chocolate Hills, Bohol. Also the habitat of the endangered and smallest primate on earth, the Tarsier. Bohol offers a great number of attractions and adventures from pristine beach resorts for enjoyment and relaxation, exciting scuba diving and snorkeling sites to the more extreme “plunge and suislide” of Danao Adventure Park.

Mount Pinatubo Crater Adventure trek – It’s been more than a decade when Mount Pinatubo shook the world from its wild eruption. It exceptionally reduced the earth’s temperature and discharged tons of ashes that deserted the place. The rest is history. Today, Mount Pinatubo is a major attraction not only for its picturesque crater lake, blue-greened by minerals which is surrounded by towering rocks of ashes but also because of its inspiring rise from its tragic past.

Puerto Princesa, Palawan– Home to the longest navigable underground river of the world, Puerto Princesa. It is nominated in the new 7 Wonders of the World which helped spread its amazing work of nature. Puerto Princesa is also the jump off point to the wonderful islands in Honda Bay.

Batanes Island – The islands of the Ivatan people. Located at the northern most part of the Philippines are the Batanes Islands. It is a dream island lost in time. Where everything seems young and untouched. It features unique spots you can never see elsewhere. An Island where you can find yourself smiling and unstressed enjoying the comfort you’ve been long looking for.

CDO and Camiguin Island – The adventures in Cagayan de Oro and the relaxation in Camiguin. A perfect combination of a vacation. Experience the rapid sports of whitewater rafting and ziplining in Cagayan de Oro. After a wild venture, you can take a trip to Camiguin Island where you can find the famous White Island uniquely features a long sand bar with wide shallow swimming areas on its side or take the countryside trip and explore the whole island.

The Philippines trove of treasures and wonderful sceneries are really something would should take the time to explore, experience and enjoy.

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Russell Ri is the Founder and Lead adventurer of e-Philippines Adventure Travel and Destinations, the first and only online Philippine destinations specialist.