Palawan el nido island paradise

El Nido Palawan, Philippines is the Last Paradise. Everything you see from top of the mountain till the bottom of the sea is untouch and protected.

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  • galitsatalangka

    pawalan is the best in the telling you…if you like boracay…you will spit that place if you will see palawan….marvelous…you could see the love of God to humanity when you get there.

  • immselaine

    We have a bamboo house in El nido town. Ill ask my boyfriend if he want to rent it out.

  • dazclean

    Does anyone know if you can rent a accomodation for a month there?

  • utot66

    This is Palawan islands as we know it.
    Long live the Philippines truly a Paradise…

  • utot66

    This is Philippines.

  • utot66

    if you want to live in a busy and bustling city, i suggest move to New York City, otherwise……….. Palawan is last Paradise in our time as we know it.

  • utot66

    boracay is only one island, Palawan are many, truly the last Paradise on earth in existance as we know it…..

  • toddwills

    I know what you mean. I miss the beaches in the Philippines now that I’m in New York:( I miss home soooooooooooo bad:(

  • ginnopogi2

    talaga naman noh. kung peace and quiet hanap niyo… d2 nlng kau

  • thetrueasiatictribe

    ive been to palawan..and its different from Boracay..I love Palawan.

    boracay is so crowded :(

  • immselaine

    El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

  • Elschulzoo914

    whats the name of the place?

  • oweheh

    huh!…i miss walking & playing guitar with friends by the shore. i grow up in an island & when i went to college in city i need to visit every month my family, friends and everyone but most is… if im away, i feel that i left something very important part of me that i don’t know.. and i find it once my feet touches the sea water in a white sand beach, seeing huge blue sky, tall coconut trees & the sound of it. i’m now in US now,kountry style.. damn, i feel that i’m lost, it’s hard!

  • mastermind91502

    i miss philippines, the view is really a paradise.