Siargao, El Nido among 46 ‘must-see places’ in 2013—NYTimes

siargao, surfer

A surfer takes a gentle ride on the waters of Siargao. Photo by Jes Aznar for the New York Times.

A surfing mecca and a luxury island getaway in the Philippines are included in the 46 must-see places in the world based on a list published online by the New York Times.

In the list,  ”The 46 Places to go in 2013″, Siargao and El Nido were chosen by editors of the internationally-read broadsheet.

“Idyllic white sand beaches, secluded, little-known surf towns, and pristine reefs are among the natural draws of this country,” it said.

The article raved about how “luxe” the country’ surfing and beach destinations are.

“The new Dedon Island resort on Siargao, for example, is close to one of the world’s best surf breaks, Cloud 9 (Kelly Slater is a fan), and has an outdoor cinema along with spa and paddle board classes. And the private island resort of El Nido Pangulasian opens this month in the Unesco biosphere of Palawan, right by some of the world’s most pristine diving spots. ”

Aside from the Philippines, only two other Southeast Asian nations were included: Singapore and Thailand (which appeared on the list twice). Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s capital, topped the list. “Because the whole world will be there in 2014 (World Cup)” it said.

source:  By Joseph Holandes Ubalde