Palawan isle named 'stylish' private retreat by UK newspaper

Ariara island in Palawan

has been named one of the world’s top private island retreats by The Sunday Times newspaper in Britain.

In a travel feature entitled “Who needs neighbors?”, writer Susan D’Arcy described the Philippine island as “a stylish retreat for people who don’t do hotels”.

Ariara is among the Calamian group of islands in the Palawan region, located 160 miles southwest of Manila, and four hours away from Hong Kong.

The private island was bought and developed by British couple Charles and Carrie McCulloch, and is now available for travellers who seek the “sun, sea and sand experience” with privacy and luxury.

Buildings on the island were designed by Filipino architect Jorge Yulo, known for his designs of modern high-end spaces for both commercial and private clients.


Guests stay at fully-equipped beach cottages and jungle villas, with access to the entire 125 acres of private grounds which includes beaches, an infinity pool, dining facilities, numerous social areas, and stretches of unspoilt natural resources.

A private chef and a small army of staff look after each guest with the typically warm Filipino hospitality known all over the world.

The island offers peaceful relaxation alongside a host of activities, from water sports and fishing to sailing and scuba diving. Guests also have access to a private boat, which can be used to explore nearby islands, world-class diving sites, and local villages.

Other private islands on The Sunday Times list include Lankayan in Borneo, Taprobane in Sri Lanka, Philipkutty’s Farm in India, Quilalea in Mozambique, Boca Brava in Panama, Eilean Shona in Scotland, Jicaro in Nicaragua, Henriksholm in Sweden, and Sovalye in Turkey.
source:by Patrick Camara Ropeta, ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau