amanpulo island resort in palawan

aman resort in palawan philippines

this is amanpulo, palawan in the philippines. amanpulo is one of the most expensive island resorts in the philippines. the aman group is one of the most elite small hotel and resort chains in the world. i have been to this island paradise numerous times and i would like to give you a virtual tour of the island thru the lens of my canon dslr.



  • Ehadurkah

    Proud to be palaweno!!!

  • karltravel2008

    Palawan has a rich cultural heritage. You get more than the sun and the sea but an exploration of a Filipino culture you can be truly proud of.

  • 731sset

    I will visit Amanpulo soon on my honeymoon…

  • anjojune

    the carribean, aussie n other southeast asian resorts r comparable to this one n even more luxurious.. try the ones in tahiti also.. so amanpulo is not unique

  • olyadnivek

    tnx for the virtual tour :) ))

  • jPisces7

    I have been dreaming of going to this island but I know its so expensive and its exclusive to those who are ELITE. Oh God! How beautiful this island is!!

  • oncaboy

    so how much did it cost u all this

  • royalmajestyghia19

    i heard its 35K/day dito for pinoys.. p-ero pag foreigner yta 85K? true ba?

  • vinniebourne

    Hi! what’s the title of the song? and by who? thanks

  • vinniebourne

    Hi! what’s the title of the song?

  • ken974459

    rex, can i use your video for my presentation here in USC (spain)? thanks//Ken

  • ken974459

    rex, can i use your video for my presentation in one of my projects in USC (Spain)? thanks much.//Ken

  • tonynet12

    Can you contac me, I plan on developing small resorts in Palawan region.
    Can I use your video as sample of the area and type of resort currently there.


  • 236mL

    cool. I would really like to visit too. i know it’s expensive but it’s so nice.