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Manila to el nido in Palawan

El Nido Airport

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  1. Book a flight from your country to Manila, Philippines – Try our very own Philippine Airlines.
  2. There are 2 ways to fly to EL NIDO

A.)Direct Flight from Manila to El Nido Palawan

i.      Via Island Transvoyager or ITI –They usually cater to guests who are booking into one of their resorts but accommodate non-resort guests too. The booking should be made only 5 days prior to the flight, cannot be earlier than that. It’s a 19 Seater Dornier Aircraft that flies 1 hour and 15 minutes or so to EL Nido Ten Knots Airport (this is their own airstrip). It is 7 Kilometers into Town where you can find resort. But it is highly recommended that you book ahead especially during peak season. Fare is about P6,750 (USD 157 ) one way. Ticket from El Nido-Manila may be purchased at El Nido Arts Cafe.

    1. ii.      Seair also flies direct from El Nido to Manila for about the same fare rate.
    2. iii.      Take a Tricycle from the El Nido Airport Airport to Town-This is about 10-15minutes ride. Costs P200/tricycle (USD4.7) whether you’re alone or with company.

B.) Via Palawan’s capital city, Puerto Princesa – This is 5 hours away from El Nido  by VAN or Bus.

    1. i.      There are a number of airlines travelling from Manila to Puerto Princesa with multiple flights a day such as Philippine Airlines, Cebupacific, Airphilippines and Zest Air.
    2. ii.      A Van shuttle service called Fort Wally can take you to El Nido via an Exclusive Van all to yourself at P 8,500.00 (USD 210)one way or on a shared Van at P700 (USD16.30) per person. Shared Van means you will be with 10 or so other passengers in a Van. It will have a rest stop midway for toilet stop and some snack or lunch.

If you are going to El Nido on the same day as you arrive on a flight, better book for the first flight say 8am and reserve a seat on the Van prior to your arrival so you can picked up at the airport. Be prepared for a rough ride towards the last part of the trip. Puerto Princesa is 270 kilometers going to EL Nido and the first 210 is paved, the last 60 is rough road. Expect it to be bumpy.

I know, 5 hours is no joke, but you are assured that the beaches of El Nido and the adventure that awaits you will make your trip worth it. This is based on my experience and those who came to visit. I have heard people share that during the van ride they say they will never come to El Nido again, but while they’re just 1 day into an island hopping trip, they claim to have fallen in love with it….And I believe them, why? Because on my first visit, my husband and I decided that we will make El Nido our home.


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Palawan tourist boost

The puerto princesa underground river in Palawan

IN just a month, the Puerto Princesa Underground River in Palawan could be named one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, an accolade that could bring tremendous economic, social and tourism benefits to the Philippines.
Already a Unesco World Heritage Site, the underground river which is in barangay Sabang, 81 kilometers north of the city, has been voted one of the final 28 sites for the New 7 Wonders of Nature campaign, a contest which aims to attract more than 1 billion votes from 220 nations across the world.

Mayor Edward Hagedorn has been aggressively campaigning and exhorting Filipinos in the country and abroad to vote for the underground river as it faces stiff competition from other admired sites, such as the Island of Maldives, the Amazon in South America, the Dead Sea in Israel, the Grand Canyon in North America, among other sites.

Known as the Philippines’ last biodiversity frontier, Palawan, which hosts the underground river, is blessed with the breathtaking beauty with its white-sand beaches, lush forest, wildlife parks and natural wonders.

The underground river, also known as the St. Paul or Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, is an 8.2-kilometer navigable underground river that runs beneath the limestone karst mountain that flows directly into the South China Sea. It is believed to be the longest underground river in Asia.

Navigating the complex underground river, one can see visible formations of stalactites and stalagmites that have developed over 20 million years.

Among the many wonders of nature, the underground river needs to win the honor to be included in the next seven new wonders of nature, Hagedorn said. With only a month to go, it needs to garner support as the voting closes on November 11, 2011.

No other than President Aquino has been encouraging Filipinos to vote by texting PPUR to 2861 to push the country’s only entry to the worldwide campaign as a way to elevate the Philippines’ status as top international destination.

The Switzerland-based New7Wonders Foundation has challenged the nations who hosted the 28 candidate sites with a two-year campaign to attract enough votes to win the title. The contest aims to raise awareness of the incredible variety and beauty of nature in the planet.

Massive tourism boost

ACCORDING to Puerto Princesa Tourism Officer Rebecca Labit, there are many excellent reasons to vote for the underground river as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, which was recently explored by Italian geologists, the La Venta Geographical Association.

Among the reasons for the wonder of the underground river, Labit said, are: being its largest and important underground estuaries of the world; most complex cave systems in the world; naturally sustainable due to the very high amount of energy resulting from its unique thermal equator location, marine climate, wind and humidity; it contains unique cave formations from secondary mineral deposits not found elsewhere; discovery of a 20 million-year-old fossil of sirenia or sea cow in perfect condition.

“These reasons, aside from the tremendous economic, social and tourism benefits the underground river brings to the country, are excellent reasons we should stand up as Filipinos and be proud to campaign and vote for its inclusion in the new wonders of nature,” Labit added. “With the deadline quickly closing in, this is the opportunity that the Philippines can’t ignore.”

Labit said the country could expect a massive boost in tourism revenue, brand value and job generation not only for Puerto Princesa but for the whole country. She said the underground river is now ranked second among the 28 site candidates.

Underground river boat guide Ricardo Mansera said local people like him will benefit from the site’s recognition once it is heralded as one of the new wonders of nature.

“It will surely uplift the lives of people in the area because of the jobs it will give to us. We can have more organized jobs in the underground river as boat guides or be employed at the hotels around Puerto,” Mansera said.

Hotel and resort owner Ruben Tan projects that with the influx of tourists in Puerto Princesa, entrepreneurs will have to upgrade their services and increase hotel rooms and facilities in the coming years.

“Tourism and business will likely boom in the coming years, especially if the underground river will be included in the list. We are very careful in upgrading our services and facilities in an environment-friendly manner to serve local and foreign tourists alike,” said Tan, who owns the Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort near the underground river, as well as the Puerto Pension bed and breakfast in the city.

A great chance

WHILE President Aquino, Hagedorn and other government officials believed that the underground river has a great chance of making it into the top 7, Filipinos in the country and abroad need to back this crusade by voting through text.

In an effort to involve more people in the campaign, even the telecommunications companies—Globe Inc., Smart Communications Inc. and Sun Cellular—have joined forces with the government in supporting the underground river through the text campaign.

Launched a week ago, Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo, who leads the PPUR-New 7 Wonders of Nature, has introduced the “Pera sa Kuweba!” promo to intensify its campaign. The promo, which can give a chance for a texter to win the P25-million grand prize, runs until December 28, 2011. Other texters may win daily, biweekly and monthly prizes.

Puerto Princesa Vice Mayor Lucilo Bayron said the benefit of having the PPUR included in the top seven will have far-reaching effects for the country as a whole.

“While there are great wonders of nature in the world, the underground river is truly remarkable, breathtakingly beautiful and highly worthy of our votes to be included in the new 7 wonders of nature. It will surely boost our tourism industry,” Bayron said. Department of Tourism data shows that a total of 3.52 million people visited the country last year who spent $2.49 billion, an increase of 16 percent from 2009.

Last year around 425,000 tourists visited the underground river. It is expecting some 550,000 visitors this year.

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Palawan to host Mutya 2011

Palawan to host Mutya ng Pilipinas 2011 national pageant

MANILA, Philippines — The 43rd edition of Mutya ng Pilipinas 2011 national pageant will set foot in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Roberto de Venecia, Mutya ng Pilipinas Chair announced.

De Venecia said that the national pageant will devote its 43rd anniversary as a platform to support the Underground River/Subterranean National Park, which is considered as a National World Heritage site.

“It is popularly known as the longest navigable underground river and the most beautiful subterranean river in the world. No doubt, it was nominated for the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Other remarkable locations in the area will also be featured to further exhibit its beauty,” De Venecia said.

At stake in this year’s competition are three titles: Mutya ng Pilipinas-International, Mutya ng Pilipinas-Tourism, and Mutya ng Pilipinas-Overseas Communities.

The winners will represent the Philippines in the elite international competitions of Miss Asia Pacific, Miss Intercontinental and Miss Tourism International. The pageant also selects the country’s delegates to the Queen of the Year and Top Model of the World.

This year’s pageant theme is “Beauty Tourism Adventure” which will also highlight the equally attractive features of the “city in a forest” including the Jungle Trail, mangrove and tropical forest, wildlife sanctuary and other fascinating nature spots including the pristine white sand beaches of Puerto Princesa City.

Puerto Princesa City, led by Mayor Edward Hagedorn, will be the principal host of the pageant.

The brand new Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa, the official home of the Mutya ng Pilipinas, will be co-host throughout the week-long event.

The resort is located in the west coast, 80 kilometers away from Puerto Princesa City.

The national pageant will be co-produced with TV5, which has aired the Mutya ng Pilipinas pageants for four years.

Two of last year’s winners did well in international competitions they took part in. Mutya-International Christi Lynn Mcgarry was a semi-finalist in the Miss Intercontinental Pageant 2010 held in Dominican Republic.

Mutya-Tourism International Barbara Salvador was 3rd runner-up in the Miss Tourism-International competition held in Malaysia.

Beauty queens from Filipino communities abroad are well represented at the Mutya.

“This year, we have Mutya-Zurich, Mutya-Arizona, Mutya-East Coast USA, Mutya-Norway, Mutya-Germany and other countries,” says De Venecia.

Qualified to join are single, beautiful, intelligent, talented and articulate Filipino women. She must be a high school graduate, at least 18 but not more than 24 years of age, with a minimum height of 5’5.”

Screenings will be held in Metro Manila, Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo, Davao, and Pangasinan starting the first week of October. The pageant commences in November and the most-awaited finals will be held in December.

For more details about the Mutya ng Pilipinas, log on to its official website