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Puerto Princesa city concious about its environment

Environmental Conscious City of Puerto Princesa

puerto princesa airport

The capital of Palawan is Puerto Princesa. It is the urban capital of Palaway with one hundred twenty thousand people living there. It is the second largest city in the country. It is second to Davao. Puerto Princesa is a place where the environment is green and clean. The local government also enforced that the whole city should ban guns. The people living there and the guests to the place get a penalty just for throwing a litter or spitting. A fine of two hundred pesos is given to anyone who is caught by the authorities throwing their butt of cigarette on the streets. The main avenue of Puerto Princesa is Rizal Avenue. This narrow lane stretches out from the airport in the east up to the big cathedral in the western side.

Many people even tourists in the Philippines view Puerto Princesa as the stop over before going to the reefs of corals and coves that can be seen in the other parts of Palawan. However there are still many activities that people can do in this clean city. People can visit the city museum. It is open during Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday from nine in the morning until noon and from 2 pm until 5 pm in the afternoon. This is located at Rizal Street in the park which provides guests a concise description of Palawan’s past history and the culture of the region. You may also see some artifacts and paintings.

Guests can go to the Crocodile Farming Institute and see live Philippine crocodiles. This place is open from Monday until Saturday from ten in the morning until five in the afternoon. This can be found inside Barangay Irawan which is twelve kilometers away from the center of the Puerto Princesa. This is the place where some scientists do actual research with the crocodiles studying their biology and the way they live. The crocodiles are given proper nutrition.

You may also visit another kind of farm in Puerto Princesa. This is the big butterfly farm which is owned by Mr. Rowell Rodriguez. This place can be found on Bunk House Street on Santa Monica. You may see thousands of butterflies here some of which are indigenous to the region. People can see the stages of metamorphosis that the butterflies go through. You can see the change from being a tiny caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.

Visitors should also not forget to visit the Iwahig Penal Colony. This is popular for being a prison minus the bars. The prisoners can act as if they just live in one village roaming around without being in a prison cell. Most of them cultivate rice and other crops. Some do fishing. You may identify the prisoners because of the badge and the shirt they are wearing. They go back to the halls when they are eating and when they retire to sleep. The guests can buy the items like handicraft products that are made by the Iwahig prisoners in their souvenir store.

Guests can also visit the center for Vietnamese refugees. The people here are refugees from Vietnam who have formed a real community which supported by U.N. The Vietnamese sell food and some of their handicrafts.

Peter Garant is writing Philippines Travel Articles for both Palawan Board and Puerto Princesa Board.

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Travel Tips for Palawan

Map of Palawan showing the location of El Nido
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Palawan island in the Philippines

Most people today start dreaming about an escapade in an spot with white sand seashores at one point or an additional, although being stuck at function, with way too much paperwork in front of them. When those few weeks of vacation arrive every year, why not decide a place like the Philippines region of Palawan to visit and fulfill those fantasies.Going to a location like Palawan is quite likely one of the finest decisions you may well make as far as vacations go. It has bays with crystal clear water, lagoons with green walls of limestone, lush forests, underground rivers and many tropical fish. All in all, whenever you combine these elements, you get excellent sights and lots of enjoyable.In this article you can find out about some in the things you may enjoy in Palawan and some general details about the region, to prepare you for a trip right here. As far as travel possibilities go, you will discover ample them for tourists which arrive at the airport from Manila. In areas like Palawan, which could possibly seem a little backwater, the transportation options might be a small rough, but they will work and they are going to allow you to get to great destinations, hidden to other means of vacation.For a local which wants a one week vacation away from the pressure of every day life, you probably know the kind of transport already, but for a foreigner it could possibly occur as a bit of a shock, when he sees how rough it can be and how it entails sitting in a tricycle, gathering dust through the road.Palawan’s capital is referred to as Puerto Princesa, which most individuals go to before they head out for any of your tourist spots. This city could be reached easily if you’re coming from Manila, with the help of an airplane which takes a person hour to reach this city.For most tourists that decide on to go to the Palawan Island, the region proves to be absolute heaven. You can find right here a lot of activities and entertainment options to keep you busy, plus you’ve the option to stop by the nearby islands, like the Calamianes, where you may notice a lot of corals and reefs near its coasts.This area is known as 1 of the last places through the Philippines exactly where ecology is nevertheless encouraged. The visitors to the island mainly occur here mainly because it nevertheless has virgin forests, clear lagoons and islands of limestone cliffs. The Palawan seashores are a single other attraction that makes people today come right here, as they have white sands and gorgeous shores.Some of the very best Palawan beaches might be found within the Northern spot of your region, in provinces like Coron, Taytay or El Nido. In these provinces, you’ll discover high class resorts that are nonetheless inexpensive. In several cases, you can find tour packages which consist of transportation, accommodations and meals, so you’ll be able to appreciate the beauty with the local beaches without any stress on the details in the trip. These packages arrive with fun activities like kayaking, snorkeling, diving or climbing cliffs.You’ll be able to relax on the beach or you can take a walk and get pleasure from the breeze from your air and the views of your place, which includes sand coves and cliffs that surround the region.If you want something a bit a lot more romantic, you ought to in all probability pick the Taytay beaches, which have virgin forests in their vicinity and cabanas which you may rent, which have air conditioning and provide a tranquil ambience and a wonderful beach view.If you delight in wreck diving, you need to decide the seashores from Coron, because the Busuanga area has lots of shipwrecks of Japanese origin, from your Second World War. You are able to also snorkel if you need, because the region has several coral reefs which you may delight in seeing.


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Puerto Princesa: a Legendary Destination

Official seal of Puerto Princesa
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Puerto Princesa: a Legendary Destination

Filled with natural charm and beauty, Puerto Princesa is a place you surely worth visiting. Here are fun and unique facts about Puerto Princesa you shouldn’t miss knowing and experiencing.

In Spanish, it means “Princess of Ports”. This is the capital of Palawan, dubbed as the nation’s last nature frontier for its richness and wonders.

This provincial capital is the only major urban sprawl in Palawan. With a total of 120,000 population, Puerto Princesa is considered the second biggest city in the Philippines after Davao.

Puerto Princesa is home to St. Paul Underground River, a famous attraction declared as a World Heritage Site by United Nations Educational Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The Tubbataha Reef Marine Park is a vast natural wonder covering 33,200 ha, including the North and South Reefs. This pristine island reef in Puerto Princesa has a very high density of marine species; the North Islet serving as a nesting site for birds and marine turtles.

Here stands Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm, the country’s oldest and unique Prison Without Walls. Inmates there work to supply food to other prisons all over the country. There, they are free to live with their families.

Another thing that’s legendary in Puerto Princesa is The Legend Palawan, where a whole new world of change happens in a heartbeat. It offers Palawan Experience (PaX), the gateway to exhilarating island escapades. From city tour to beach adventures, The Legend Palawan makes every Palawan Experience a thrill of a lifetime.

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